5 Ways To Use Sideboards To Solve Problems Throughout Your Home

Are you looking for a versatile, practical, and yet beautiful storage accessory for your home? If so, consider the value of an item that was once confined to the dining room: the sideboard. Where might you use a sideboard to solve specific problems in other parts of your house? Here are a few ideas for any household.

1. As Hallway Storage. The hallways in many homes are underutilized, almost wasted space. Usually too narrow to allow both foot traffic and much additional furniture, they may contribute little to the practicality of the home. A sideboard is a slim storage cabinet — ranging from 44 inches to 63 inches or more — that can more easily fit into hallways and make them useful for a variety of storage and display purposes. 

2. In Multi-Use Guest Rooms. Some houses are fortunate enough to have a dedicated guest room, but many families have to use this space for more than one purpose. Double-duty rooms make it hard to fit everything in comfortably and practically. A sideboard is a great furniture addition for a bedroom that must also house the home office, craft room, or home gym, for instance. It takes up less space, provides more storage, and looks attractive.

3. To Create an Entryway. The front and rear entry areas in modern homes tend to be smaller than many families need. So, how can you make it a more functional space or even create an entry space where this is no clear zone? Try using a sideboard. Once again, its slim and low design takes advantage of whatever small space you have and adds both storage and display surfaces. It can also be used to create a boundary and direct traffic. 

4. For Floating Furniture. Many interior design experts recommend floating furniture — moving them away from walls — to make a room look modern, larger, or more cohesive. But floating furniture can leave awkward spaces, such as the visible backside of sofas and loveseats that may not be aesthetically pleasing. Place a sideboard along the back of the furniture to give it balance and structure. 

5. To Tidy Your Media. As entertainment centers have gone out of fashion, many people are left to deal with a myriad of wires, wall-based televisions set too high, and no place for things like speakers and gaming consoles. The simple sideboard can solve all of these problems and create a tidy — but understated — home entertainment zone. 

Want more ideas for using a sideboard to solve specific furnishing challenges in your house? Start by touring the inventory at a furniture supplier in your area today.